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Precise TV Debuts 'Precise Gaming' - A Breakthrough In-App Contextual Advertising Solution for Kids Mobile Gaming

Marks the first time the company’s COPPA-compliant solution is being leveraged beyond social video to unlock the kids mobile gaming market to advertisers

 Precise TV, a leader in contextual video advertising, today unveils 'Precise Gaming', extending its innovative COPPA-compliant advertising technology beyond social media into the kids' mobile gaming market. This pioneering move marks Precise TV's expansion from its nearly decade of dominance in contextual YouTube advertising into the burgeoning world of mobile gaming. 

“As the mobile gaming audience continues to grow exponentially, Precise Gaming is our response to the evolving needs of advertisers in this space,” said Christian Dankl, Co-Founder & Chairman at Precise TV. “With the global kids digital advertising market expected to surpass a value of $21.1B by the end of 2031, there's a significant opportunity for effective, and ethical advertising that speaks directly to young gamers and drives high engagement for brands.” 

Addressing the Challenges in Mobile Gaming Advertising

The launch of Precise Gaming comes at a critical time. Despite gaming content reaching over half of U.S. kids, the mobile gaming sector has long been a challenging landscape for advertisers due to strict COPPA regulations and a lack of transparency in mobile app audience demographics. Traditional advertising methods in this space have often led to significant media wastage and a one-size-fits-all approach. Precise Gaming makes the invisible visible to children’s advertisers in the mobile gaming space. Instead of just buying the most popular games, advertisers can build a comprehensive and scaled advertising strategy for reaching young gamers, reducing waste in their ad buys.

About Precise Gaming

Precise Gaming leverages the company's proven expertise in AI, machine learning and natural language processing with extensive panel data from 'Precise Advertiser Report - Kids' (PARK) and 'Teens & Youth' (PARTY), encompassing all media consumption and providing deep insights into kids' viewing habits and preferences. This data-driven approach enables advertisers to precisely reach over 400 million kids, teens, and families through video and custom mini-games across a portfolio of kids safe mobile app publishers, enabling advertisers to reach the mobile gaming sector with unprecedented precision. The solution qualifies the best apps and sites for a specific audience, advertiser and media buy, reaching them in the spaces that most resonate with them through kids insights and appropriate game play mechanics. This in turn ensures less ad wastage for advertisers while staying in compliance with strict children's online privacy regulations. 

Precise Gaming is a holistic solution that includes three proprietary ways to exclusively reach mobile gaming and gaming social videos.

  • Video Reach across top Gaming Apps: Advertisers can run their brand video across the most contextually relevant top gaming apps and sites to reach kids authentically in moments of play.
  • Gamified Creative inside top Gaming Apps: The ability to gamify a brand and break through the mundane with customized mini-games that mimic the product experience to build awareness, interest, and engagement.
  • Gaming Segments on YouTube: Deliver ads next to Gaming videos that are relevant and suitable for your reach audience. Precise TV merges deep contextual intelligence, historical performance data, and proprietary kids' insights to connect with kid gamers.

“Our technology has already demonstrated significant reductions in media wastage and improvements in engagement rates and business outcomes in YouTube advertising. We are excited to replicate this success in the mobile gaming market, offering a tailored solution that resonates with both advertisers and the younger audience,” added Dankl.

Case Study: Warner Bros. Discovery - Cartoon Network & Precise Gaming

Warner Bros. Discovery leveraged Precise Gaming's video advertising platform to enhance engagement with specific audiences, particularly kids aged 6-12, for their Cartoon Network show 'Ivandoe'. By focusing on mobile and tablet gaming apps popular with this age group, while simultaneously reaching parents on platforms like they achieved a remarkable branded engagement time of 5,400 hours (225 days). This strategic approach effectively reached distinct demographic groups, leading to a significant increase in viewership and audience engagement.

“After working with Precise TV on award-winning campaigns we decided we needed to create a more cohesive marketing message across our YouTube and in-app worlds,” said Jean da Silva, Senior Marketing & Digital Coordinator, Kids, UK at Warner Bros. Discovery - Cartoon Network. “Precise TV’s unique approach to in-app gaming advertising resulted in some excellent results that we will be looking to replicate across other campaigns in the future.” 

About Precise TV

Founded in 2015, Precise TV is the world’s first and leading KidSafe COPPA certified YouTube advertising platform. The award-winning contextual intelligence platform leverages a combination of proprietary machine learning models to connect brands to the video moments that matter across YouTube, Shorts, Facebook, TikTok and Connected TV, driving lower funnel business outcomes for advertisers looking to limit media wastage. With offices in London, Sydney, New York and L.A. Precise TV is Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) certified, and was named a 2022 Google Premier Partner after meeting the rigorous requirements of the recently revamped Google Partners program. For more information, visit: