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Connected TV

We sit at the heart of the CTV landscape, connecting all the key players. We are empowered to efficiently deliver your highly customized campaigns, at scale


Why CTV with Precise TV?

  • Precise TV has 7+ years of experience in CTV buying through YouTube. 
  • CTV viewing is on the rise with over 143 million individuals in the US watching YouTube via connected TV at least once per month
  • Now, Precise TV’s award winning YouTube approach is available on programmatic CTV.
  • Almost 85% of US households are reachable via programmatic CTV. 
  • Americans streamed more than 80 minutes of OTT video every day in 2021


Our Approach

The Precise TV platform ensures your ads only appear next to videos that are relevant to your target audience. Whether driving brand awareness or product sales, our campaigns deliver positive business outcomes. 

Precise TV merges deep contextual intelligence, historical performance data and opt-in panel data. Then AI and machine learning optimize towards campaign objectives. 

We overcome the fragmented landscape, lack of transparency and annoying bundled package pain points by:

Testing and learning on YouTube and translating the insights over to CTV - with 7+ years of high performing YouTube campaigns, plus multiple Precise TV & 3rd party data sources, we have a huge volume of audience behavioral and shopping data

Pre-bid video-level targeting with full transparency

  • We analyze individual videos and categorize them based on content, allowing highly focused (but limited reach) content targeting
  • Expand reach by targeting content in groups, such as specific channels, publishers, and  genres.
Running, optimizing, measuring and growing your CTV presence


Read more about our CTV offering by taking a look at the work we did for Elvie.

To learn about how we can achieve, on average, a 60% reduction on media wastage, 25% purchase intent uplift and a 6x return on ad spend for your brand, get in touch using the form below.


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