An insider's guide to growing your client media spend on YouTube advertising

With Precise.TV’s unique blend of machine learning and human expertise, you get greater relevance which leads to better results and therefore greater spend

How relevant ad placements are the secret to advertising success

At a time when many clients continue to take creative services in-house, smart media agencies are adding value by leveraging new partnerships. As a Google Partner, Precise.TV helps lock in client relationships through value-added services not directly available from Google.

Download our insider guide and find out how we support agencies at every stage, with:

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    Pre-campaign cost-efficiencies ‒ filtering out non-relevant and unsafe inventory to give your ad every chance of success.

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    Mid-campaign optimization ‒ replacing under-performing video placements based on real-time metrics.

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    Post-campaign insights ‒ actionable analytics to demonstrate ROI, and top-performing video lists to shape future campaigns.

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